Your pet deserves the best

Recommended and used by local vets

Set in 9 acres of beautiful Wyre countryside, Primrose Cottage Kennels & Cattery can offer you the care and attention your pets deserve.

Run for the last fourteen years by the proprietors Beckie and Justin Rea, we can offer your pets a stay in a relaxed and stress-free environment. Used and recommended by vets, we can offer short and long stays full of fun and enjoyment for your pet. You can be happy in the knowledge that whilst your on holiday your pet will be having as much fun as you are!



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Moss Side Lane, Stalmine,


M–Tu & Th–Su
8–Noon, 4–6pm
Wed 8–Noon

Our kennels are internal and are fully heated and offer solid construction with no visibility of other dogs side to side. They exceed the legislation required size and all have a bed area separate to the exercise area which they have 24hr access to.


We operate a Keep Dry System which minimises the amount of hosing down required after accidents in the kennels thus keeping your dog dry and clean.

We appreciate that not every dog is the same, therefore we have different kennels to accommodate different dogs. For the more playful and social dogs we can offer kennels where they have visibility of other dogs opposite a wide corridor, the more timid can be offered quiet blocks with no visibility of others.

Offering single, double, triple and quad size kennels we can easily cater for your needs whether you have a single dog or multiple dogs to kennel.

Kennel Upgrades

As well as the standard kennels, we can offer your dog various upgrades whilst they holidays with us. We can offer upgrades too:

  • Quad size kennels offering 120sq ft of room.
  • Luxury kennels with raised beds and televisions.

Please Note:

All dogs must be fully up to date with their annual booster vaccinations and also the kennels cough vaccination.

What to bring?

Many people ask what they need to bring with them, other than your dog you can bring everything or nothing. Our prices include the use of our bedding and our food but you may of course bring your own. Fresh drinking water is available in each kennel 24hrs a day. We can cater for dogs on special diets and also for those on medication, please contact us to discuss your dogs requirements. Set within 9 acres, we have ample room to exercise your dog in one of our two fenced paddocks or in the open fields, this is included in the price.


Our fully licensed purpose built Cattery offers a warm and safe environment for your cat to stay with us for its holidays.

Catering for your cat

Consisting of a warm enclosed bed area with attached run, you can relax knowing that your cat will be well looked after.

Cat pen availability

Due to the small number of cat pens available, bookings can only be taken by customers who board their dogs with us as well. Individual bookings just for cats will not be accepted.

Please Note:

All cats must be fully up to date with their annual booster vaccinations.


All costs are per day, but you will not be charged for the day of departure if you pick up before 12 noon. Any pets picked up between 4-6pm will be charged the full daily rate. The cost of a stay per day is as follows.


Single dog
Two dogs sharing
Three dogs sharing
Four dogs sharing

Single cat / Two cats sharing
£7.50 / £13.00


One to four dogs in a quad size kennel

Single dog in Luxury kennel
with raised beds and T.V.

Two dogs sharing a luxury kennel
with raised beds and T.V.